Night in Gadani (Noel’s dream)

is a collection inspired by an evening celebration.
The crew of a Serapis vessel held a ceremonial feast as an epilogue to a trip that brought the ship for scrap- ping at the Gadani ship-breaking yard in Pakistan.

Following tradition, the crew wanted to commemo- rate the vessel after thirty years of successful voyages. During the feast, crew members were invited to draw and spray paint freely on different kinds of garments.

Night in Gadani (Noel’s dream) is workers’ poetry. It is a spiritual symbolisation of details from an after-work getting together.












Photography by Elena Sarantopoulou Photos (1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15)

By His Wounds You Will Be Healed

The collection documents Noel, a crew member practicing a pranic handwash by immersing his hands into a bucket and letting them soak in sea water, engine oil, grease, dental floss and a red snapper.

The bowl is used as a disposal unit for dirty energy as the water absorbs energy and the salt acts as a disintegrator for energy purification purposes.

Silk, gemstones, leather, and rubber act as energetic inhibitors and decrease the efficiency of a healing session. Noel takes full advantage of this material property by adding silk scarves into the solution

in short intervals to stabilize the pranic flow and maximize absorbance.

















Photography by Elena Sarantopoulou Photos (1, 2, 4-11)

I Am You Hope

is structured around a video that Serapis shot at the port of Piraeus, documenting a series of random moments of an afternoon on Vasiliadi coast.

Specific details from the video are highlighted, symbolized and monumentalized through small, poetic gestures. The title has been derived from the first four words of the phrase which was printed on a T-Shirt, that the peddler in the video held in his hands.

The T-Shirt read:

“I am you hope tourism in Europam ihemselves I should move to where they live”.


This phrase, with its syntax and typographical errors, creates a strong and poetic symbolism.

In parallel to the main video — a two-minute shot, Serapis simultaneously filmed from three different vantage points, including the Piraeus Tower which surround the location of action topographically.

The location recorded is the part of the port that surrounds the historically important HELLAS LIBERTY ship-museum.

Photography by Elena Sarantopoulou Photos (2, 3, 5, 6) Hair / Makeup by Yorgia Karidi

The ‘I Will Care For You And Nurture Your Soul’
book documents a ship roundtrip from Poland to
Saudi Arabia through the Suez Canal and accompanied the inaugural Serapis collection of the same name.

It captures the transcendental atmosphere of the daily life inside different sections of the ship and it juxtaposes shipping visual material from nautical life with Pranic healing practices.

The ship’s crew lives in a state floating between spirituality and working routine. Pranic healing is a mystical claimed energy healing system developed and promoted by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui which claims that prana (energy) can heal ailments in the body by manipulation of one’s energy field.












Hardcover, 150 x 215 mm, 116 pages Printed in Athens, December 2015

Serapis would like to thank Dionysis Zisimos, Alexandros Katsiotis, Vassilis Mavrogiannis and Spyros Papaioannou for their invaluable support on the creation of this publication.