Vesshcell, Shanghai 2023

Vesshcell 2 is an immersive installation that SERAPIS has created for its inaugural presentation at In The Park in Shanghai.
It is an extension of the series of projects that SERAPIS has undertaken using recycled fishing nets, but also another iteration of Vesshcell, the installation presented by SERAPIS simultaneously at Horst, Asiat Park in Belgium. These works both function as protective shelters or shells, covers, but are made of upcycled materials that were previously carriers, containers or vessels in their original function. At In The Park, the work operates as a space for the presentation of SERAPIS SS23 collection Your Merchandise And All Your Company Have Fallen In The Midst Of You Part II: Prestige, which includes pieces made of recycled polyester from fishing nets or designs featuring images of this material, sourced from the depths of the sea in Greece where it has remained inactive and rendered obsolete, yet now reborn into a new function, a new life, in a gesture that poetically highlights the narrative of its history but also alludes to the people and the spirituality behind the maritime related industries.

The Vesshell 2 was activated thanks to all of this dynamic submersion organised by In The Park and Kindred Spirits.

Special thanks to:

Tzu Ni for a meditative live set of a maritime seascape with aquatic textures, motor engine sounds and Greek fisherman chattering, metallic wires tied to the nets, played with the feedback of sonic textures, using the wire as a string instrument and Sandy’s Trace for the swelling party right after.

Photography by Zhiyao Wu