Faidonas’ Gaze, 2021, Hot Wheels Athens

Faidonas’ Gaze, 2021


Serapis Maritime in collaboration with Pierre Bal-Blanc created a site specific work for the exhibition “I GOT UP”, curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc at Hot Wheels gallery, Athens.


“I GOT UP” (Athens Version), 2021 is a group show with works and performances by

Sophie Calle, Delia Gonzalez, Dan Graham, On Kawara, Georgia Sagri, Scratch Orchestra and Serapis Maritime.


SERAPIS designed a set of printed bedsheets and selected a specific ready-made typical Athenian steel bed frame to install a bed that would be activated by four performers in different times during the show.


The activation of the bed in the exhibition room and the timing of it are conceptually related to three historical artworks that are part of the show, the ‘I GOT UP’ postcards by On Kawara (1968), Dan Graham’s INCOME (OUTFLOW) (1969) and Sophie Calle’s ‘The Sleepers’ (1980).


The bedsheet print is a detail from a photo taken by Faidonas Spyropoulos, a sailor on-board a tanker ship and friend of Serapis. It is a dreamy motion blurred picture from a deck inspection.


Faidonas’ Gaze, 2021, Steel bed frame, car paint, mattress, inkjet prints on cotton, 200 x 100 x 97 cm. Serapis Maritime and Pierre Bal-Blanc, Bed for I GOT UP (Athens Version), 2021 -Photo 2, 6 by Konstantinos Andrikoulas


05.06.21 – 07.08.21

Photos (3-6) show activation moments from the performances during the exhibition curated by Pierre-Bal-Blanc presented at Hot Wheels Athens, June 26, 2021

Photo 3: Performed by Pierre Bal-Blanc at 10:49 am
Photo 4: Performed by Julia Gardener at 9:50 am
Photo 5: Performed by Hugo Wheeler at 10:51 am
Photo 6: Performed by Aris Mochloulie at 9:22 am

Photos by Costas Karavatelis