Let The Sea Resound, And All That Is In It: Part 2 (Hippocampus)

SS22 is a continuation of SERAPIS’ FW21 collection, both conceptually
and technically. This season, the label refines its use of generative A.I. to visually
translate a series of paper ephemera discovered in an old sea vessel and signed by
a mariner named S.G.
Each of the collection’s unique styles and custom patterns breathe life into the
fragmented, dream-like narrative of these found notes, poems, and drawings.
One such artefact, the sketch of a seahorse, lies at the center of SERAPIS’ SS22
offering. The recovered artwork, abstracted to resemble both animal and mermaid,
highlights the seahorse’s unique gender reversal, which sees the male of the species
giving birth. The hybrid beauty of both the artwork and the sea creature, itself,
serves as inspiration for the collection’s androgynous silhouettes—like its new
‘Sailor’ shorts—and abstract prints, jacquards, and embroideries.

Across the collection, SERAPIS’ A.I. neural networks have transformed
the mariner’s archives into a series of otherworldly prints and patterns:
lush seascapes, heavenly and hellish vignettes, peaceful dreamlands
as in the “Terra Grid” pieces, which end, just as its source material,
in a mirage of calm before the storm.
As it has since its inception, SERAPIS foregrounds local materials and
craftsmanship in its making process, producing all its garments in Greece
and working closely with local craftsmen in developing its signature Soufli
silk and Volos cotton garments, jacquards, knitwear, prints, and embroidery.